JAMES P. CHASSIE recently received a belated award of the BRONZE STAR w/ V, for valor in a 7 hours fire fight in the
Bong Son, Vietnam, 2 July 1967, in which he was severely wounded and evacuated to the US and many of his comrades
were wounded or killed.

The citation reads "For heroic achievement in connection with military operations against an enemy of the United States
in the Republic of South Vietnam on 2 July 1967, while assigned to Company A, 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry
Division. Specialist Four Chassie demonstrated courageous determination and dauntless leadership under fire during a
fierce firefight, lasting over seven hours, with a large enemy force that had ambushed his unit. The heroism displayed by
Specialist Chassie on this occasion reflects the highest tradition of military service, and reflects great credit on himself,
the 8th Cavalry and the United States Army. (Washington DC, 30 Dec 99).

Congratulations James, we are all most proud of you and your achievements. His son, a Captain in the 101st Airmobile
Division, will make the presentation.

ANY OTHER MEMBERS OF CO A, who participated in that battle and wish to make a comment, the
(Posted by Mustang 6, 03-08-00)

Information provided by Victor Castle, Co A, April 67 - April 68:

Lt. Pape rotated out of the field July 27, 1967.
PFC James Hoewieler was killed in action on July 2, 1967
Spec. 4 John Salmieri was killed in action on July 2, 1967. He and I were together and split up at a ravine with me going
on one side and Salmieri taking the other side. Salmieri was hit by a sniper.
PFC Samuel Witcher was killed in action July 4, 1967, by a land mind when we were escorting tanks back to the hard
road. We were taking the same way back and land mines had been set.
Aug. 24 letter: E-5 Root (new C.O. Henderson's radio man) had been killed and Gonzales hurt pretty bad. Root died in the
C.O.'s arms. Sept. 27 letter: Sgt. Yelland (gunner on other gun in our Platoon) killed. Archuleta (RTO) killed. Stamper
Sept. 24 letter: Lt. Sullivan wounded when another guy stepped on a butterfly mine. Lt. Sullivan would lose a leg, the
other guy was killed.

A Company Memorial Service was held on July 12, 1997 for the following, who were either KIA or died of wounds
received in action:
1Lt Dennis D Aschenbrenner, KIA 2 Jul 67, SP4 James E. Hoeweler, KIA 2 Jul 67, PFC David B. Kline, KIA 2 Jul 67, SP4
William D. Lewis, KIA 2 Jul 67, PFC Jimmie McBroom KIA, 2 Jul 67, PFC Nick Panella, Jr., KIA 2 Jul 67, SP4 John D.
Salmieri, KIA 2 Jul 67, 2LT Malcom Tassey, KIA 2 Jul 67, Sgt Samuel F. Witcher, DOW, 4 Jul, 67.

The following were killed as a result of the helicopter crash on 26 May, 67:
SP4 Charles T. Allen, SP4 Domenico Cacciola, 1LT Edward Fisher, SP4 Allen Ruddell

The following DEROS personnel were listed in Headquarters, 1st Battalion Weekly Bulletin Number 18 dated 8 May 1967:
SP4 Normour, PFC Amos, Sgt Turner, and SP4 Perry Hayes

Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division (Airmobile) Special Orders Number 125, dated 5 May 1967 Promoted the following
members of Company A to Private First Class E-3:
Toney, Daniel L., Wolfsbauer, Michael C, Cochran, Stephen F, Dufresne, Donald G, Bannon, Gary C., Huismann, Douglas
K., Castle, Victor, Mey, Gary D, and Winslow, Larry.

Unit orders 87, 22 Oct 67 (provided by Louis Buckmaster)
To Be Specialist Four E-4
Stamper, Daryel; Parks, Charles; Cohen, Irwin M.; Arnold, Kenneth; Bumgart, Thomas D. Johnson, Terry G; Wagner,
Kenneth; Winslow, Larry; Giddings, John P,;Waller, Richard J. Ricedorf, Ralph S.; Kriegel, Carroll E.; Chandler, Stanley
M.; Paige, Charles; Kelley, Daniel P.; Bullock, Arthur L.; Bruce, Theodore; Correa, Francisco; Darby, Myers Dykstra,
Ernest; Wilson, James W.; Alcala, Marciso R.; Poupore, Roger A.; Brooks, Winford; Charlson, Michael; Gilchrist, Roger
A.; Milligan, James D.; Thoman, Floyd N. Dieterle, Richard L.; Grisel, Gary T.; Clark, Edgar J.; Fitz, Charles J.; Ferguson,
Charles E.

1st Cav Div General Orders 4464, 10 Jun 68:
Award of the Army Commendation Medal:
Buckmaster, Louis B.; Bullock, Arthur L.; Chandler, Stanley; Darby, Myers; Chlarson, Michael A.
The operations conducted in 1966 continued, for the most part, in 1967, provided the battalion with continued experience, became more
skilled in conducting the various missions assigned to them - patrolling, ambushes, cordon and sweeps. Offensive operations at the
beginning of the year, were conducted North of the Village of Bong Son in the Bong Son Plains, in II Corps area. During the February
Operation, PFC James H. Monroe, a medical corpsman in C Co, earned the second Medal of Honor awarded to the 8th Cavalry in
Vietnam, by diving on a grenade and absorbing the blast, he saved the lives of several of his comrades. Continuing operations In the
Bong Song Plains, Co D stood off a Viet Cong attack on their night defensive perimeter which resulted in 19 Viet Cong killed. Moving
from the plains to the Cay Gier mountains along the coast, the 8th Cavalry continued to demonstrate its capabilities and flexibility to fight
in rugged terrain. The battalion continued to inflict grievous losses on the Viet Cong as the enemy was sent reeling in every major contact
with the battalion. The year was closed out with fierce fighting by Co C through the Dai Dong area. After a two day battle through the
village, the enemy left behind 204 dead.
In addition to providing security and pacifying the land, the battalion was experimenting with new tactics including psychological
operations and medical assistance to villagers. Improving old techniques, the use of aerial rocket artillery and air strikes were increased.
Proving to be highly mobile, during November the battalion assumed the responsibly of the entire 1st Brigade area of operations, as the
remainder of the brigade was operating with the 4th Infantry Division.
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