Letter from a Sky Trooper re: Captain Roy Martin, Commander Co. B, 1/8th Cav 1965-66.

Dear Sir:
Over 32 years have passed since I last saw you, and I feel this letter of thanks is long overdue. I was pleased to see your
name and e-mail address when I recently was surfing the internet in search of information about Company B 1/8. I had the
privilege of serving under your command in Vietnam in 65-66, and I believe the last time I saw you was approximately late
1967, at Fort Bragg and you were wearing Major insignias. I had often wondered how your career progressed.

I would like to share with you some background information and how your leadership impacted my life and career.

I served in the 2nd Platoon, Company B 1/8 from December 1965 to December 1966 and was in the fire fight in the battle of
CRAZY HORSE of May 21, 1966. I returned to Vietnam in February 1968 with the Third Brigade, 82nd ABN Div. and was
honorably discharged May of 1968 as a Sgt. E-5.

In 1969 at age 21, I joined the Kentucky State Police and graduated from the academy as the honor graduate of Cadet Class
40, and recently retired having served the last three and half years as Director of their Operations Division and Badge
Number 1.

I consider you the best leader that I ever had the privilege of serving under. You led by example and while accomplishing the
mission, tried to keep us "pups" alive in the process. I often applied the positive lessons learned from you throughout my
30-year career in a semi-military organization. I also learned about "what-not-to-do" from examples of poor leadership
exhibited in other units during that same time period.

Thank you for your outstanding leadership while serving as B-Company commander.
Lt. Col. Douglas E. Asher, Retired.

Posted by Mustang 6, Col. Kenneth D. Mertel,  01-22-00
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