STEVE RIVERA, 66-67, reports:
The VFW Post 85 here in Sacremento lost 3 of
their Honor Guard Members in a single week.
The men are getting so old they have difficulty
in lifting the M1 Rifle during the 21 gun salutes.
I was going to wait until I retire next year, before
joining the honor guard, but I think that will
change real soon.I would hate to have a fellow
veteran not have a military style burial because
there are not enough Honor Guards left to cover
all veteran funerals. It is my wish to have a 21 gun
salute when it comes time to bury me.

I joined Post 85, because they were there when
we buried my brother, who was another
Vietnam Brother, who died before his time. My
family was so grateful for them being there and it
made us feel that my brother Frank got a great send
off in a purely military fashion. I truly encourage
all my fellow Jumping Mustangs to volunteer in
supporting all veterans in their local areas. It has
certainly helped heal a lot of the wounds brought
back from NAM. God Bless America and all the
men and women who have served faithfully and
also to those who paid the Supreme Price.
1st Sgt Ray Poynter, today in Fayetteville,
Arkansas on Veterans Day, 2000.
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