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Biographical Sketches

You may have noticed two notebooks, which I started, labeled
"Deceased" and "Current." The idea behind them is to create
records of who we were and who we are. I didn't have much
spare time in the hospitality room to explain them, but a number
of members said that it would be nice if they and their wives
could see pictures of the members while they were serving in
Vietnam with the 1st of the 8th along with a picture of them at a
reunion. Also a short biographical sketch would be nice.
The pictures will be 4x6" vertical and the biographical sketches
will be 4x6" horizontal.
Some of you may feel comfortable writing up a short narrative on
a 4x6 card with a typewriter or computer. Others might want to
send notes that will help me put together a biographical sketch.
Some of the things we would like would include, month and year
of birth, childhood hometown or towns, year joined the Army,
units and approximate dates of service, service with 1/8: ex (1st
Plt. Sgt. A/1/8 Aug 65-May66), year left the service, significant
things outside the service.
Let me know what picture I took at a reunion that you like best
(key code on back), send a vertical of you in Vietnam, send
Glenn H Sheathelm

# Year  Where        Attendance

1. 1986 Eureka Springs Ark 46
2. 1987 Killeen, TX 73
3. 1988 Clarksville, TN 97
4. 1989 Biloxi, MS 55
5. 1990 Arlington, VA 133
6. 1991 Anaheim, CA 47
7. 1992 Billings, MT 78
8. 1993 Indianapolis, IN 125
9. 1994 Arlington, TX 140
10. 1995 Columbus, GA 165
11. 1996 Bismarck, ND 100
12. 1997 Williamsburg, VA 156
13. 1998 Sacramento, CA 146
14. 1999 Houston, TX 117
15. 2000 Fayetteville, NC 220
16. 2001 Spokane, WA 109
17. 2002 Biloxi, MS 223
18. 2003 Kingston, RI 120
19. 2004 Jacksonville, FL 143
20. 2005 San Diego, CA 125
21. 2006 Las Vegas, NV 190
22. 2007 Albuquerque, NM 163
23. 2008 Myrtle Beach, SC
24. 2009 Minot, ND
25. 2010 Washington D.C.
26. 2011 Chicago, IL
27. 2012 Phoenix, AZ
28. 2013 Charlotte, NC
29. 2014 Ocean City, MD
30. 2015  Branson, MO
As I recall a sense of humor could really help to
relieve the sweat, anxiety and boredom of our
"Walks In The Sun". Maybe some of the guys will
remember some of these tidbits and offer some of
their own.
We used to come across these hanging ant's nests,
the ants wove leaves together to make these nests
and they resembled hanging beehives. The nests
were about the size of a football and were home to
thousands of biting ants.
Well some masochistic trooper discovered that by
tilting your head very quickly so as to miss the nest
yourself and getting your head back to straight
ahead as fast as possible you would cause your
good buddy behind to walk head on into the nest.
He would instantly be covered from head to toe
with ticked off ants and just as quickly be standing
naked in a circle of laughing troopers shaking his
fatigues and promising a pay-back for the dirty
deed. This was a rare occurrence because we
didn't run into many of these nests and thankfully
Charlie missed the show!
We were on the perimeter at An Khe and chewing
the fat in a bunker. A Vietnamese dog handler
walked in with a German Shepherd. He gave a
command in Vietnamese and the dog healed. The
guy hung around for awhile then gave another
command and they left.
One of the troopers looked over at Sgt Maka
(Platoon Sergeant)with a surprised look and said
“Wow! That dog is really smart!”
Maka sardonically asked - "Why Kilroy? (not real
name) Why is the dog smart?”
Kilroy replied, "He understands Vietnamese!"
I have to admit that I paused on that one for a
second or two!
We had an SOP in the platoon that when we got
into a leech infested area we would stop on the
half hour to get them off rather than stopping for
each individual leech contact!
Well one time we stopped off the half hour slot. I
was informed that the reason for the halt was a
leech. Sensing a court martial offense (just
kidding), I went up towards the point. Sure
enough there was Sgt. Boffman (real name)
extracting a leech. Now Sgt. Boffman was a soldier
par excellence and I suspected that he had good
reason for stopping, and he did!
As I asked for the reason, he gave me a kind of
look for yourself nod. The leech had parked on a
testicle. We all agreed that this should be an
exception to rule #1 re: leech removal.
Eddie Doubet

Editor’s Note: Since we usually couldn’t feel
leeches, how did Sergeant Boffman know that he
had a leech there????
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The major criticism of President Bush is that “he mismanaged the war”. This statement has been made by
Democrats, Republicans, Generals, and aspiring candidates for public office.
Please tell us how you would manage the war. Then tell us one war that was perfectly managed.
When did the President become the “War Manager”?
This is your opportunity to demonstrate your exceptional expertise on war “Management”.
Personally, I thank President Bush for his courage, and unwavering stand in fighting the war on terrorist. More
important, Thank you Sir for your Christian values.
Thank those brave men and women that put their lives on the line every day for our freedom.
Could these Warriors be classified as War Managers?
They are my heroes. Please pray for those in harms way.
May God bless you and God bless America.
Roy D. Martin, Major
Airborne Infantry, Retired
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