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ARTICLE I--------NAME--------------------------------------

ARTICLE II------PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVE----------------------

ARTICLE III-----ORGANIZATION-------------------------------

ARTICLE IV-----MEMBERSHIP----------------------------------

ARTICLE V--------EXECUTIVE BOARD---------------------------

ARTICLE VI------ELECTIONS----------------------------------

ARTICLE VII----FINANCIAL-----------------------------------

ARTICLE VIII---CONDUCT OF MEETINGS-------------------------

ARTICLE IX------COMMITTEES---------------------------------


ARTICLE XI-----DISSOLUTION OF CHAPTER----------------------


For God, Country and for our common bond, we the Vietnam Veterans of the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry (Airborne/Air Mobile/Air
Assault), 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile), 1965-1971, having aided and maintaining the honor, integrity, and supremacy of our country,
holding in remembrance the sacrifices in common made and drawn together by strong bonds of respect and mutual relationship, solemnly
and firmly associate ourselves together in creating the First Battalion, 8th Cavalry (Airborne/Air Mobile/Air Assault) "Jumping
Mustangs", Vietnam Veterans Chapter, as part of the 1st Cavalry Division Association. The principles and purposes of which shall be
supreme allegiance to the Republic of the United States of America, fidelity to its Constitution, to hold aloft the torch of True Patriotism,
to cherish and preserve the memories of our military tradition by our association and fellowship...........

We the Vietnam Veterans of the 1st Battalion, 8th Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division(Air Mobile) desire to form a non-profit National
Chapter as an affiliate and subsidiary of the 1st Cavalry Association



Section 1 -

The Chapter will be known as The First Battalion, Eighth Cavalry (Airborne/Air Mobile/Air Assault) 1st Cavalry Division, Vietnam
Veterans, "Jumping Mustangs.



Section 1 -

The purpose is to have a National Vietnam Veterans "floating" chapter to support the 1st Cavalry Division Association and in particular
to provide that Vietnam Veterans of this Battalion hold and Annual Reunion for fraternal gathering, with their families and friends.

Section 2 -

Promote and preserve the memories of those who were killed in combat and a final resolution of the problem of forgotten MIA/POWs.

Section 3 -

Said chapter is organized by natural sovereign citizens of the United States of America, who have a God given inalienable right to form an
organization to meet peacefully and conduct social and chapter business activities.

Section 4 -

The chapter is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian unit voluntarily formed by and under the fundamental values and beliefs of our

a. To uphold and maintain the intent of the United States Constitution and other principles set forth by our founding fathers.

b. To realize the true American ideals and aims which those eligible for membership fought.

c. To stimulate a feeling of mutual devotion, helpfulness and comradeship among active, retired, and discharged veterans of the Vietnam
conflict and active duty persons of this Battalion who were not veterans of the Vietnam conflict.

d. To encourage in all, that spirit and understanding of the history of the Battalion in Vietnam, 1965 - 1971.

e. To establish and unofficial "Airborne Chapter" for all Vietnam Airborne paratroopers of the 1st Cavalry Division, thus maintaining the
high esprit de corps and tradition within the Spirit of the United States Cavalry.



Section 1 -

This chapter is formed as part of the 1st Cavalry Division Association, and will support it and their foundation.

Section 2 -

This chapter shall encourage its’ membership to become life members of the Division Association.

Section 3 -

This chapter will use as a guide those powers which may be exercised by the 1st Cavalry Division Association and their association.

Section 4 -

The administration and conduct of the chapter business activities shall be vested in the duly elected officers as established by this

Section 5 -

The chapter will make no request to the 1st Cavalry Division Association for funds. A limited treasury will be maintained to cover the
cost of postage, reproductions, stationary and expenses incidental to the chapter activities. It is not intended that the chapter would
engage in any extensive financial transactions. No credit or debt will shall be permitted (See Article VII).

Section 6 -

A copy of this document will be filed with the clerk of the Carroll County Court House, Berryville, Arkansas. The receipt of filing will be
placed in the permanent chapter files that are maintained by the Secretary.


Section 1 -

a. Charter - The 23 original veterans who attended the first reunion before the chapter was formed at Eureka Springs, Arkansas, 21-23
August 1986, were declared charter members by the first chapter Executive Board. Each member has a special membership card
identifying him as a charter member.

b. Active - Any veteran of the 1/8th Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division (Air Mobile) who served in Vietnam and has paid his membership
donation into the chapter treasurer shall be an active member. This class of membership is open ended from the dates of the
organizational first reunion. This class will also include charter members.

c. Associate - Any individual not eligible under section 1.a. or 1.b. above may apply to or be nominated by the Executive Board, whose
membership would be approved by a 2/3 vote of the general membership is designated an associate member. Associate members do not
have voting privileges. This class of membership is to encourage others veterans and active duty personnel of the United States Armed
Forces to be part of the chapter

d. Auxiliary - This organization recognized the need for a woman’s auxiliary and will support its’ activities in accordance with the chapter’
s purpose and objectives. This class of membership is for the chapter’s immediate family. This class of membership will not have voting

e. Wives and dependents of deceased veterans who served in Vietnam with the "Jumping Mustangs" may become either auxiliary or
associate members.

f. Honorary - In recognition of any individual support to this chapter, or any individual of Political, Military, or Civilian position may be
recommended by at least three (3) active members. This would be voted on by the Executive Board or by the general membership.

g. Life - (Details T.B.A,)

Section 2 -


a. General - All chapter members have active membership status as long as the individual exhibits interest in the chapter, maintains
membership and does not disgrace the chapter or the 1st Cavalry Division Association, by any disorderly act or behavior. The Executive
Board shall take appropriate measures to expel any member for conduct that is detrimental to the purpose for which this chapter is
established. An individual notified of such expulsion may appeal to the general membership for a review of the Boards action. Only those
members who have made a current donation may vote at the general membership meeting.

b. Annual Membership - for charter, active and associate membership a suggested donation amount is $10.00. The annual donation is not
refundable. Any increase or decrease in this amount requires a 2/3 vote of the membership present at a general membership meeting.

c. Membership Duration - A member who has not renewed his status for the current membership year shall no longer be a member in
good standing, has no vote, and will forfeit and not hold or be eligible for any office, and shall not be entitled to any privileges of/to
membership until re-installment.

d. The Executive Board shall be empowered to accept or reject any application or recommendation for membership.


Section 1 -

Chapter Officers

a. The Executive Board will consist of an Honorary President, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations,
Historian, and Chaplain.

b. The Honorary President shall have no voting privileges as a member of the Executive Board, but has voting privilege as an active
member of the general membership.

c. No chapter officer shall be liable for acts or failure to act on the part of any other member, officer, or agent of this chapter

Section 2 -

Terms of Chapter Officers

a. All members of the Executive Board (except for the Honorary President) shall serve for a period of three (3) years.

b. The Honorary President shall serve for a period to be designated by the Executive Board. This period of service may be lengthened or
shortened at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Section 3 -

Succession of Chapter Officers

a. The order of succession of officers is as follows: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the Secretary.

b. Presidential Vacancy - A vacancy in the office of President shall be filled by the Vice President, but in the case of absence of a Vice
President, shall be filled by appointment of a qualified member as the Board may direct.

c. Any other temporary appointment for death, resignation, or removal may be made by the chapter President. The new Executive Board
member will serve out the remaining term of office.

Section 4 -

General Items

a. For the purpose of assistance to the Secretary (Chapter Headquarters), he may appoint an "Assistant to the Secretary" to assist him
in his duties. This can be his wife or a member of his household. The assistance would include secretarial requirements of the chapter,
chapter correspondence, and financial records.

b. The Executive Board shall meet prior to the reunion general membership meeting and/or as required by the President .

c. A chapter officer shall not concurrently hold an elected public office. If any chapter officer becomes a candidate for public office, he
shall be given a "leave of absence" during his campaign. If elected to public office, it will be necessary to tender resignation of the
chapter officer position.

d. The Executive Board shall have supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the chapter, and shall determine its policies or
changes within the limits of the by-laws.

e. The Executive Board shall actively prosecute it purpose and shall have discretion in the determination of funds disbursements. It may
adopt such rules and regulations for the control and conduct of business as may deem advisable and may, in the execution of the power
granted, appoint such agents it may consider necessary. The presence of 2/3 members of the Executive Board constitutes a quorum

Section 5 -

Duties of the Executive Board

a. Honorary President: This is a non-elected, non-voting position on the Executive Board. Normally this position will be held by a Vietnam
Battalion Commander of this Battalion. He will act as consultant and senior advisor to the Executive Board, chapter membership, and the
chapter. The Honorary President shall, with the agreement of the President, be the official spokesman for the chapter.

b. President: The President shall have the duty of presiding at all meetings of the chapter, to cause to be issued all notices which may be
required to appoint all committees, to execute all agreements or contracts or other documents in the name of the chapter, and to perform
such other acts as pertains to the office which shall not contravene any provisions of the Chapter Constitution, By-laws and Guidelines.

c. Vice President: It shall be the duty of the Vice President to aid the President to carry out the duties of the President during absence or
disability of the President, and to perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

d. Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the minutes of all meetings of the chapter, to conduct the correspondence
pertaining to the chapter, and to maintain the roster of the chapter membership, with the Divisional Association. Also the Secretary will
act as a liaison with the 1st Cavalry Division Association for all chapter activities. The Secretary shall become the resident agent for the
chapter. He will act as the chapter’s National Executive Director.

e. Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to keep accurate accounts and records of all receipts and expenditures of chapter
funds, maintain care and custody of all money, be accountable for chapter assets, ensure liabilities are paid, submit an annual report on
the fiscal status of the chapter, and to submit other such reports as may be prescribed.

f. Public Relations: It shall be the duty of the Public Relations officer to provide publicity for the meeting and activities of the chapter
through all available media, and to develop procedures for dissemination of information and promotional material about the chapter,
association and foundation.

g. Historian: It shall be the duty of the Historian to keep a record of all events, collect history of the chapter from the start, gather
information of our KIAs in Vietnam, make an effort to locate next of kin of these men so as to help the Division Association in awarding
scholarships to children of KIAs. He will submit all information to the Secretary for chapter records.

h. Chaplain: To assist in all religious activities of the chapter, aiding the membership with spiritual matters and participate in all chapter
meetings and reunion activities.


Section 1 -


a. The base year for holding elections will be 1988. Elections will be held every three (3) years thereafter.

b. To provide for chapter leadership continually, the Vice President will automatically replace the President at the start of the Executive
Board’s new term of office.

c.Those elected to the Executive Board will assume their duties of office beginning January 1st of the following calendar year.

Section 2 -


a. A nominating committee consisting of three (3) members will be selected by the Executive Board. The President will be the chairman
and will count as one of the three (3) members. The committee will present an election slate to the general membership.

b. At the general membership meeting, further nominations may be made for any eligible member in good standing by an active member
from the floor.

c. All candidates for chapter offices must express a willingness to serve and perform the duties of the position elected for.



Section 1 -

Annual Fund Raising, and Raffles for Raising Money

a. Donations will be accepted to defray expenses of the chapter.

b. Fund raising activities may be undertaken by the chapter for the purpose of obtaining funds for the treasury, in order to maintain a
viable organization. Any fund raising activity may be specifically approved by the Executive Board prior to conducting the activity.

c. For reference, because of having active duty military personnel as members, all fund raising activities will comply with the restrictions
imposed by paragraph 5, AR 210-1.

d. All money taken in by the chapter will be shown on the records and reported at the time of the annual financial report to the general
membership at the chapter reunion.

e. A financial report of all monies handled by the Treasury will be available to all members at each of the chapter reunions.

Section 2 -

Records, Account of Banking, Financial Deposits

a. An account [will be maintained by the Treasurer in a bank of his choosing], with the following names permitted to write checks on this
account: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the assistant to the Treasurer The checkbook and banking records will be in the
possession of the Treasurer. Financial information, at any time, can be verified by mail or telephone [by contacting the current Treasurer.

Section 3 -

Use of Funds

a. The chapter will use its funds to accomplish the purpose and objectives of the chapter, to insure all chapter debts are paid after each

b. The Secretary/Treasurer may draw up to three hundred dollars ($300.00) for the purpose of mailing letters or newsletters, i.e. "The
Bugle", buying stationary, and other secretarial expenses that may arise during the official duties of his position.

c. All funds drawn on the account (other than b. above) shall be approved by the Executive Board.

d. All financial transactions will be paid in cash, and are to be paid as they occur.

Section 4 -


a. Annual donations (dues) in the amount of ten dollars ($10.00) for the next calendar year should be made prior to or during the annual
reunion. Members may also submit their annual donations by mail directly to the Chapter Treasurer.

b. No organization can survive without financial support and for any member who indicates that he is unwilling to tender donation in
support of this chapter the Secretary will place him on the " inactive list" without requiring a vote.

c. Any member who has been dropped for non-support of annual expenses may be reinstated upon the tender of donations for the current
year and the next year at one time.

d. The Executive Board may drop any member for good and sufficient cause after he has been given an opportunity of a hearing with two-
thirds (2/3) of the Executive Board giving approval. The individual may appeal the Executive Board’s decision to the general membership
at the next scheduled chapter meeting.

e. All funds received by the chapter are contributions to cover the cost of the organization. All money given by the membership must be in
the nature of a donation or gift. No direct assessment will be made to the membership. Note: IRS Code Section 102 (A) states that Gifts
are not "income", so they are not subject to income tax.



Section 1 -

Annual membership meetings shall be held during the reunion each year for reading of the Annual Report, Financial Report, determining
dates and place of the next reunion, elections (when needed), and the transaction of other chapter business.

Section 2 -

Notices of meetings will be published and everyone who is on the membership roster, will be notified at least three (3) weeks in advance.
Notices will be printed in the newsletter "The Bugle", phone, email, i.e. time permitting, and at the discretion of the President at any time.

Section 3 -

Special Meetings: Problems that arise that need the Executive Boards approval and attention (vote or what) will be taken care of by
phone or Internet, time permitting, and at the discretion of the President at any time.

Section 4 -

Any member may make a motion, or bring up business before the annual meeting each year, as all membership will be present at the time
for hearing such motion.

Section 5 -

The majority of the members present at the annual reunion shall be considered a quorum at the general membership meeting.

Section 6 -

Spouses of active members may vote on selection of Reunion Sites.
Section 7 -

Order of Business The suggested order of business at any meeting of the Chapter or the Executive Board shall be as follows:

]      a. Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

b. Invocation

c. Introduction and/or Roll Call

d. Reading of the Minutes and Treasury Report

e. Discussion of and vote on Future Reunion sites f. Correspondence and/or Announcements

g. Reports of Committees and Chapter Projects

h. Unfinished Business/Old Business

i. New Business :

1. Elections will be the next order of business in election year.

2. Formal installation of new officers first order of business after the election by making public installation of new officers occur at the
reunion in which election is held.

j. Open Business - Anyone at the meeting may make comments, remarks, or statements pertaining to Chapter activities

k. Benediction

l. Adjournment

Section 7 -  

Guest speakers and special programs may be inserted in the above order at the discretion of the Presiding Officer.

Section 8 -

No proxy votes or votes by mail from general membership shall be permitted. Members are welcome and encouraged to contact the
association in writing to express their concerns and comments, if not able to attend a business meeting and vote.

Section 9 -

The National Colors, the Flag of the United States, shall be displayed and honored at all meetings (Public Law 94-3", 94th Congress, U.S.
Code, Title 6, Chapter 10, Section 171-177). The chapter flag etiquette will follow these prescribed rules and regulations governing the
use of the flag.

Section 10 -

Procedures not specified by this document in the conduct of meetings will be the parliamentary rules contained in the current edition of
"Roberts Rules of Order (Revised)



Section 1 -

All committees shall be appointed by the Executive Board. They shall be formed as needed, and they can either operate by mail, email,
telephone or actually meeting together. The President has the power to appoint special committees, as he deems necessary. Each
committee shall be charged with effecting a program and shall have the full support of the chapter in such activity as approved by the
Executive Board of the Chapter.

Section 2 -

The following standing committees should plan well in advance and submit a report at the annual reunion:

a. Annual Reunion

b. Constitution and By-Laws

c. Financial

d. Historical

e. Spouses Auxiliary

f. Membership

g. Personal Affairs

h. Program

i. Public Relations/Publicity



Section 1 -

The provisions of this document shall be construed liberally to accomplish the purpose and objectives of this chapter.

Section 2 -

This document may be amended, repealed, or suspended at any time by a vote of two thirds (2/3) of the members attending and voting at
any regularly publicized meeting of the chapter.

Section 3 -

The Constitution and By-Laws committee and/or the Executive Board shall review the Constitution and By-Laws each year. In the event
changes are proposed, members shall be notified at least one (1) month in advance of the chapter general membership meeting.

Section 4 -

Once an announcement has been made of a proposed change to an Article/Section of this document, any further modification to the
proposed or new proposals to same Articles/Sections will not necessitate any additional notification or delay.



Section 1 -

The chapter will exist until dissolved by a two thirds (2/3) vote at a scheduled meeting of the general membership. The motion for
dissolution must be announced in both the 1st Cavalry Division Association newspaper and First-Class letter to all charter and active
chapter members.

Section 2 -

In the event of dissolution of this chapter and after dissolution of all debts and liabilities, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a
non-profit organization or as decided by the Executive Board and in accordance with Army Regulations .


John R. Hanlon 1st Lt. (USA) Retired
2091 Liechester Lane Route #3
Memphis, Tennessee 72616
(901) 388-4319

Ray E. Poynter 1st Sgt. (USA) Retired
Box 754
Berryville, Arkansas (505) 545-3466

STATE OF TENNESSEE, COUNTY OF SHELBY, TO WIT I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this _______day of _________, 19___, before
me, a Notary Public of said state personally appeared JOHN R. HANLON, known to me , or satisfactorily proven to be the person whose
name is subscribed to the within instrument, and known to be the President of the First Battalion, Eighth Cavalry (Airborne, Air Mobile,
Air Assault) Vietnam Veteran’s Chapter "Jumping Mustangs", and that he, as such being authorized so to do, executed the foregoing
instrument for the purpose therein contained by signing in my presence the name of Chapter Organization by himself as such President.

WITNESS my hand and Notorial Seal Notary Public My Commission Expires

STATE OF ARKANSAS, COUNTY OF CARROLL, TO WIT& I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this _______day of _________, 19___,
before me, a Notary Public of said state personally appeared RAY E. POYNTER, known to me , or satisfactorily proven to be the person
whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, and known to be the Secretary of the First Battalion, Eighth Cavalry (Airborne, Air
Mobile, Air Assault) Vietnam Veteran’s Chapter "Jumping Mustangs", and that he, as such being authorized so to do, executed the
foregoing instrument for the purpose therein contained by signing in my presence the name of Chapter Organization by himself as such

WITNESS my hand and Notorial Seal Notary Public My Commission Expires
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