1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav (1965-1966)
1st Bn, 8th Cav Reg. 1967-1971
Charlie Company was led by Captain William Smith and Captain Bill
Mozey in the first year of operations in the Republic Of Vietnam.
1st Air Cavalry Division
The company roster was composed from the Battalion yearbook for 1965-1966. If your name is not included, please contact the webmaster so that it can be
added. If any corrections are needed, likewise. I am proud to have served with each and every one of you. We are joined in a common brotherhood by our
service. My warmest regards and may God bless each of you. I pray that those who died know the peace and love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
From your platoon leader,
Left End 36 ( Frank Vavrek)
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Charlie Company 1965 - 1971
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I received the following message from Alice Manning Bowers, sister of "Doc" Manning, and I think it should be shared with all of
those that knew Bob "Doc" Manning in Viet Nam.

Message from Alice Manning Bowers,  

Dear Kevan,

Thank you for the kind words and thoughts. I work with Brett Barham and he informed me that you were the one that sent the
message out to Charlie Co. notifying them of Bob's death. Bob never spoke of Vietman and I had no idea the things that he had
done while in Vietman. Thank you to you and all the guys for sharing your stories. I've always been proud of my brother and now
after hearing some of stories it makes me appreciate him for his strength and strong will to live even more. I truly appreciate your
kindness Kevan.
Thank you,
Alice Manning

Brett Barham was one of the 1st Echo Company troopers when it was formed in mid 1968.
Roster nav bar 4
to help identify the trooper in the picture to the left. Click on the picture to see a larger size of it. It will
open in a new page. Close the page to return here. He is having a photo exhibit for the 54th Anniversary of
the VN War and would like to have this picture as his center piece.  His name is Robert Hodierne and his
email address is
hodierne@gmail.com and his website page about SGT Rock is
ww.hodierne.com/rock.htm. He would like to know the troopers name. Please contact Robert if you
know who the trooper is. Here is a link to the page of "C" 1/8th Cav burning a Vil after being ambushed
the day before. The trooper is in the pictures.