John A "Pappy" Loughran
Delta Company 1st Bn (Abn) 8th Cav
1st Sgt, 66-06 / 67-06
Command Sargent Major (retired)
United States Army
Pappy passed to Fiddler's Green May
10, 2008
He will be missed by all who knew
him, whether in combat or after Viet
An outstanding Soldier and a TRUE
Honor and Courage.
Delta Company 1965 - 1971
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I am proud of the units I served with in WWII and the Korean war. However that pride is over-shadowed by my feelings for Delta
Company 1st Battalion 8th Cavalry.
As a 44 year old infantry First Sergeant, I was fortunate enough to be assigned while we still had the Airborne designation. I can
truthfully say that Airborne or Airmobile, this was a top-notch company. Those young men, officers and enlisted, were outstanding.
They were the cream of the crop. When I joined Delta Company, June 1966, we were a combat support unit with 3 platoons; Recon,
Mortar, and Anti-Tank. In late October ‘66, we reorganized into a light infantry company of 3 rifle platoons. I have a lot of memories
of Delta Company.
Foremost for those who gave the full measure of devotion. I lost 25 good men during my tour. Each one's face and name is etched in
my heart and brain, just as their names are engraved on that “Black Wall” in Washington, D.C. At least once a week I mentally have
a roll call: Barrearas, Baumann, Brown, Byrd, Carley, Cooper, Cunningham, Falato, Feeney, Finney, Hayes, King, Lawson, Lester,
McDaniels, Mcguire, Mobley, Moore, Null, Ramirez, Ratliff, Reagan, Richardson, Surles, Werner. I will never forget them. I often
think of the young man who had the feeling that his luck had run  out and wrote his “Last Letter” on March 19, 1967. The next day
he was among those who were KIA.
I have other memories too, like the First Cook who we recruited from our Mess Hall and made him a squad leader in the Recon
Platoon. This guy liked his new job so much that he extended his tour and his exploits became legendary. He even had a LZ named
after him...
I salute each and everyone who served with me in Viet Nam.
If you don’t think I’m proud of my tour with Delta Company, just check my license plate, D 8 CAV.
SGM John A. Loughran (USA Ret.) 1/Sgt.
D Co. 1/8th Cavalry June ‘66-June ‘67
My family also served in Vietnam. After I read the story of Sgt. Musial and how all of you guys cared for one another, I wanted to
read more on him. Please post more photo's of this hero if you can.
He passed away on Veteran's Day 2001 and so has his sister since then.
I found this link of the 1/8 Cav. It shows that Valentine's day  Feb. 14th 1967 ambush. Hodierne captured it's entirety on film. I
contacted him and gave him this site as well. He said he had not seen this version. His article also appeared (which was Musial's last
interview) in Reader's Digest 2002.
I did 6yrs in the Army (80-86) and come to find out, my  unit, 74th Field Evac Hosp here in NY was last used in Long Binh '70...See,
you men left us a proud legacy, we are so proud of you all. Your sacrifice was NOT in vain. Hope you share this site with the guys  of
the 1/8 who fought there that day, I'm sure they would like to see this.

http://vietnamphotography.com/series.php?SID=10    Valentine's Day Ambush, this is the website of Robert Hodierne who took the
pictures of Staff Sgt. Joe Musial during the ambush.

God Bless you all,
Thank You,

I received the above message in an email to the webmaster of the Jumping Mustangs site. I felt that everyone should have a chance
to read it and maybe visit the links that are in the message.

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The Combat Medical Badge was approved
on 29 January 1945. In February 1951, the
proposal to designate the badge as a one-
time award was rescinded and it was
approved for subsequent award during
specified periods. The addition of stars to
approved. Policy changes were approved
on 12 May 2004, by the Deputy Chief of
Staff, G-1. On 11 February 2005, the Chief
of Staff, Army, approved changes to the
CMB policy. Further changes were
approved by the Assistant Secretary of the
Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) on
24 June 2008.
Award Eligibility;
The following medical personnel, assigned
or attached by appropriate orders to an
infantry unit of brigade, regimental, or
smaller size, or to a medical unit of
company or smaller size, organic to an
infantry unit of brigade or smaller size,
during any period the infantry unit is
engaged in actual ground combat are
eligible for award of the badge, provided
they are personally present and under fire
during such ground combat:
(1) Subsequent to 6 December 1941 –
Army Medical Department (Colonels and
below), the Navy Medical Department
(Captains and below), the Air Force
Medical Service (Colonels and below),
assigned or attached to the Army, who
have satisfactorily performed medical
The Combat Infantryman Badge was
approved by the Secretary of War on 7
Department Circular 269, dated 27
October 1943. On 8 February 1952, the
Chief of Staff, Army, approved a proposal
to add stars to the Combat Infantryman
Badge to indicate award of the badge in
separate wars. Under this change in policy,
the badge was no longer limited to a
one-time award, but could now be awarded
to eligible individuals for each war in which
they participated. The policy was expanded
to permit award to Command Sergeants
Major of infantry battalions or brigades,
effective 1 December 1967. On 11
February 2005, the Chief of Staff, Army,
approved changes to the CIB policy.
Further changes were approved by the
Assistant Secretary of the Army
(Manpower and Reserve Affairs) on 24
June 2008.

Award Eligibility
a. There are basically three requirements
for the award of the CIB. The soldier must
be an infantryman satisfactorily
performing infantry duties, must be
assigned to an infantry unit during such
time as the unit is engaged in active
ground combat., and must actively
participate in such ground combat.
Campaign or battle credits alone is not
sufficient for the award of the CIB.
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