The guy on the left is Robert
Lowery (M60 Guy), the
middle guy saved my life and
I'm sorry to say I don't
remember his name. The guy
on the right is Donald Miller
from Ohio and wasn't very
friendly. I found out later he
wasn't friendly because he
lost some buddies and didn't
want to see any others killed.
Blue Panther helmet.
We only wore them on the LZ, otherwise it was a
washbasin or a stool and more often a stool than a
washbasin. Note the mortar pit in the background.
Smitty and Jim Leslie from Michigan
A Huey crashed and burned near us that day while we were on
defensive patrol. A bunch of kids were there from the village
nearby. When the helicopter crashed the kids vanished. I'll never
forget that because I turned around to look at them and it was
like they disappeared. The co-Pilot and a door gunner made it
out OK. Notice Jim is sitting on his washbasin.
Georgia Peanut Butter from Dawson, Georgia

On Log Day I told the guys to give me the peanut butter
from their C-Rations. They all did and I would harass
them by telling them how great it was. Is that how Jimmy
Carter became President?
The Two Smittys
This is Keith from Kalamazoo, Michigan on the right
under the towel. Somebody took our photo while we
were asleep. The paperback I was reading was called
"The Cool Man", a stupid mystery novel. It was a very hot
Quan Loi VIP Center
Smitty & "Doc Dew" Warren. It's good to be
buds with guys that stop up the holes! Thank
God I never needed him for that.
The guy in the background is Bill Breck.. He was
a squad leader.
This is one of our Montagnard scouts named
Dum-One(no joke) and that's three of his
girlfriends at the VIP Center-August 1969.
Working with the 11th Armored Cav-August 1969.
"The Blue Panthers" ride the Black Horses.
Recon was sent to Bu-Dop to get ready to go into
Cambodia for a scouting mission. We went through
some reorganization here and I was made Squad
Leader. Orders were changed and we never went
across the border.
L-R, Smitty, Byus, Jarvis who was getting short here. We
exchanged our LRRP rations with the CIDGs who had similar dry
food. I didn't like the fish but the candy was excellent.
I don't know if Byus was reading my letter, trying to get in the
photo, or getting fresh with me (that is definitely a joke)!
Ramrod 1-3, my squad for a short time. From left to right
and top to bottom: Jarvis, Domenici, Altwegg, Coon,
Seckler, Kubik, Byus, Smitty, Young. Altwegg injured his
finger and I'll bet he caught a lot of jokes about it.
L-R Jake Kubik, Doc Dew, Mike Domenici.
Three Bad Dudes. Location unknown.
Domenici    Location unknown.
Mike came from a line company. When Recon was on the LZ, Mike
would be in the mess line yapping on about how Recon was for wimpy
winnies. I spoke to the CO and told him Mike wanted to join Recon.
Pretty soon he found out how to be a winnie. He actually used a
different word than winnie, just use your imagination!
Last but not least, Good 'Ol Jake Kubik
at hospital after he was wounded.
Notice how happy Jake looks after his recovery!
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