Books and Other Publications that might be of Interest to Jumping Mustangs
1. "Year of the Horse, Vietnam", by Colonel Kenneth D. Mertel, Airborne Infantry, Schiffer Publishing Company,
1996, 4th printing, hardback, photos and maps. Covers 1965-1966 and the 1st of the 8th Cav, Airborne, Air
Assault, Airmobile. Also an appendix on the 1st Air Cav into Cambodia in 1970.

2. "Incursion", by J. D. Coleman, 1991, St Martin's Press. The 1st Air Cav's Air Assault into Cambodia in 1970.

3. "Pleiku", The Dawn of Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam, by J. D. Coleman, St Martin's Press. Action of 1st Air Cav in
Pleiku in 1965.

4. "The Ghosts of the Highlands", 1st Cavalry Division, Airmobile, LRRP'S in 1965-1967, by Kregg P. J. Jorgerson.

5. "Anatomy of a Division", 1st Air Cav in Vietnam, Presidio Press 1987, By Shelby I. Stanton.

6. "Band of Brothers", E Co, 506 Abn Bn, 101 st Abn Div, by Stephen E. Ambrose, Simon & Schuster, 1993. The
story of an Airborne Rifle Company, training in WW II, Normandy to the Eagles Nest in Germany. Great similarities in
training and combat in a different war as our own great Jumping Mustang Airborne Battalion.

7. "RIDE AT A GALLOP", 228th Helicopter Battalion, 1 Air Cav Div, Col Benjamin S. Silver, (USA Ret), story of that
great chinook (CH-47) Battalion, by its first Commander, in both the 11th Air Assault Div days and with the 1st Air
Cav Div in Vietnam, 1965-66. Dalton Brothers Publishing Company, Waco, TX.

8. "ONCE AN EAGLE", Infantry Combat at Rifle Company and Battalion level, World War I, II and Vietnam Wars.
Outstanding, down at GRUNT level. By Anton Myrer, 1968, Army War College Foundation Press, Carlisle, PA.
Available on Amazon and Barnes Noble web sites.

9. "BAPTISM", Infantry Combat in the Ia Drang Campaign 1965 1st Air Cav Div, by Lt Larry Gwin, Executive Officer,
2/7th Cav. Oustanding story and the details of what happened to his Battalion. Ivy Book, paperback.

10. "HOME IN ONE PIECE", by John Thompson, Son of Larry and Karen Thompson, B Co 66-67. The story of
courage, tenancity and the will to live, when a young 18 year old in 1992, alone on a farm in Montana, in sub zero
weather, losses both arms in farm machine. How he survived, thanks to his dog Tuffy and his own ingenuity. Must
reading especially for teenagers and anyone who knew John. He sings the National Anthem at our Reunions. See
"" on the Internet to order. Published 2001.

11. HONOR AND COURAGE, BY Nelson De Mille, a Jumping Mustang, D 67. UP COUNTRY, BY Nelson De Mille NIGHT
FALL, By Nelson De Mille, 2004. Dear Nelson: 4 March 2002, Just finished your latest great book, "Up Country".
Truly outstanding, riveting and grabbing to the end. I am using your audio cassette version, the unabridged form,
all 20 cassettes. Was so sorry to see it end. I am pleased it shall be another movie, even greater than the
"President's Daughter" It is remarkable how you wove your combat experience with 1/8 Cav as flash backs with
the present day Vietnam. I could live almost every moment. All places most familiar to me, except North Vietnam,
since I was there for three tours, 62-63 as CO 145th Combat Aviation Battalion, 65-66 as C.O. 1/8 Cav, Abn, and as
asst CO of the 1st Abn Bde, and then again in 1970 as CO 11th Cbt Avn Grp of 1st Air Cav and then the 3rd Inf Bde.
I could relate to all of it, the Rex Hotel Sunday dinner occasionally, Nah Trang (only on first tour) and further North
in Bong Song area. The changing weather, leeches, stinging ants, snakes, mosquitoes and other flying things all to
prevalent. Your combat actions most realistic, because you lived most of them. Your characters most believable. I
was hoping VP Blake would shoot himself, but you left us wondering, which makes it a good story. Again, well
done, a marvelous weaving of fact and fiction. I look forward to the next book and soon I hope. I would be
delighted to hear from you. If you have anything you would like me to put on your Company Page, about your
experiences, it would be most welcome. You were privileged to command Co D, 67-68. I am sorry I have not had
the opportunity to meet you. Maybe we shall someday. I recorded the combat actions of the 1/8 Cav and Abn Bde,
1965-1966, in a hard back, "Year of the Horse, Vietnam, 4th printing, by Schiffer Publishing Company, in 1997. It
was first published in 1968. Lots of air mobility  and combat actions of our heroic Jumping Mustangs. I was hoping
Hollywood might look favorable on a movie, but not so thus far. I would be delighted to hear from you.
Jumping Mustang 6
Ken Mertel.

12. WAR HEROES IN VIETNAM: Heroes of the Vietnam Generation By James Webb
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