March 19th 2010

Instructions for Searching Daily Staff Journals and Photos at The Virtual Vietnam Archive Texas Tech University.

The web address is
Texas Tech has redone the website for Viet Nam, so the instructions that were here are no longer valid.
It would be too long and I could not cover ever question that is bound to come up about searching the archives.
The best thing to do is visit the site and click on the links in the white box with the gray background. (About the
Center is one of them)
They will give you good info about getting around the site.
Most of the items you probably want to look for are in the digital records.
Just follow the instructions and you will probably get the info you want. If not, I understand they are very
helpful in answering questions.

This information was given to me by members of Echo Company who are trying to put together the Company

The following is a list of reunion pictures that were sent to The Vietnam Archive and have been scanned along
with the Daily Staff Journals.
Reunion Date Location

1st       July 1986 Eureka Springs, Arkansas
2nd     July 1987 Ft. Hood, Texas
3rd      August 1988 Clarksville, Tennessee
4th      August 1989 Biloxi, Mississippi
5th      July 1990 Washington D.C.
6th      July 1991 Anaheim, California
7th      August 1992 Billings, Montana
8th      August 1993 Indianapolis, Indiana
9th      July 1994 Arlington, Texas
10th    July 1995 Columbus, Georgia
12th    June 1997 Williamsburg, Virginia
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